Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal

Asbestos is a generic term including several silicate materials and has been largely employed in the past due to its useful properties:

  • thermal stability

  • thermal insulating and condensation control

  • chemical resistance and leaching

  • tensile strength and abrasion resistance

  • electric insulation

  • sound absorption

  • fibrous morphology

But its toxic and dangerous effects have already been demonstrated and today its use is banned. Moreover, its removal from buildings and facilities is demanded and must be done under very strict safety conditions (sealed area, individual protection for operators).

The removal of asbestos-based materials from buildings and other structures is carried out in two steps:

  • the superficial layer is easily eliminated via manual operations;

  • by manual stripping and scrapping, all asbestos fibres are completely removed.

This last phase is very time consuming, especially on complex or difficult-to-access surfaces.
The BICARjet® surface cleaning solution can be used in the final step of removal, offering a very competitive and safe alternative to manual operations:

  • reduction of atmospheric dust thanks to water nebulization, and consequently, better safety conditions for the operator;

  • less working time and consequently, less exposure for the operator;

  • high quality of treated surface, without any damage;

  • because of the continue monitoring of media consumption, the amount of waste slightly increases (MELTRON® blast media partially dissolves in water)

Note also that the BICARjet® surface cleaning solution can also be applied for the removal of other kind of pollutants (for example, solid residues of lubricants, oils) on the industrial site.

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