Building and wall cleaning

Building and wall cleaning

Over the past years, big city and small towns have been afflicted by some annoying and often recurring pleas:

  • graffiti’s and tags

  • black crusts provoked by pollution

Nothing is safe within the city: civil and industrial buildings, schools, monuments, trains and subways. This means that public authorities or private companies have to face many different cases, ranging from rough materials to the most valuable ones, from brick, concrete, cement, metal to granite, marble, stone, glass

The BICARjet® surface cleaning system offers a solution to all these various situations by removing efficiently graffiti’s and pollutants, without damaging the treated surfaces, even after several repeated cleaning operations.

MELTRON® blasting media is available in various grades, offering different abrasive characteristics and, most importantly, is also an environmental-friendly and safe-for-the-operator material.

The wide range of SOBIJET® equipments offers many alternatives, such as for instance

  • a SOBIJET® 280SR delivery unit, with large wheels for more comfort in movement and an 80 litres MELTRON® tank capacity, allowing 90 minutes of uninterrupted working. A complete set of accessories is available in order to deal with all kind of situations.

  • the SOBIJET® 150/250 models, with patented HPV system, offer a very competitive solution.