Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Chemicals and petrochemicals

The field of application of the BICARjet® solution in these activity sectors is related to cleaning and degreasing production plant facilities and all kind of equipments and installations.

For a smooth and steady working, regular maintenance is necessary, for instance, on tanks, tubular bundles, valves and pumps … which composition can be very various: iron steel, cast steel, inox

Besides, this BICARjet® cleaning solution can also be used for cleaning, stripping, depainting and so on building facilities and offices.

The wide range of SOBIJET® equipments offers many alternatives, as for instance:

  • a SOBIJET® 280SR delivery unit, with large wheels for more comfort in movement and an 80 litres MELTRON® tank capacity, allowing 90 minutes of uninterrupted working. A complete set of accessories is available to cope with all kind of situations.

  • a SOBIJET® 380SR delivery unit, which has a more powerful compressed air feed line for heavier workload.

  • the SOBIJET® 150/250 models, with patented HPV system, offer a very competitive solution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find the right solution to your specific needs, including integrated fully-automatic cleaning solutions.