Glass and crystals

Glass and crystals

Glass and crystal articles are produced pouring melt glass into iron steel, cast iron or brass moulds, or by injection moulding. Often, the shaping is done in two steps: in a first mould, a rough shape is designed and in a second one, the product gets its definitive forming.

To avoid the occurrence of highly visible defects on glass or crystal articles, a regular and thorough maintenance of moulds is of great importance.   

The BICARjet® surface cleaning solution is highly efficient to remove release agents, such as graphite, which is the most common one. Actually, their repeated use, combined with temperature variations on the mould surface, leads to the forming of a thick layer of release chemicals residues. This deposit may risk deteriorating brightness or shape of glass and crystal articles.


For our customers, the aspects to take into consideration in selecting the most suitable SOBIJET® equipments combination are weight and size of moulds as well as the amount of daily work:

  • a SOBIJET® MJ1000  work cabinet, associated with a SOBIJET® 224E delivery unit, with an electronic control panel is a able to process moulds measuring maximum 850 x 850 mm and weighing not more than 150 Kg.

  • a SOBIJET® MK1000  or MK2000 work cabinet, with a loading capacity up to 1000kg is the right solution for heavier moulds.

  • if necessary, the loading capacity can be increased up to 3000 kg and an external turntable, sliding on rails, with or without power aid makes loading operations easier for the operator.

  • a SOBIJET® 280E  is particularly suitable for long working time, without interruptions (up to 3 hours) thanks to a higher MELTRON® tank capacity.

All SOBIJET® cleaning machines are equipped with a water jet pistol for high efficiency results. It is also possible to work with a dry jet only. In this precise case, only the physical action of MELTRON® is exploited, but not the chemical and degreasing ones.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find the right solution to your specific needs, including integrated fully-automatic cleaning solutions.