Naval shipyard

Naval shipyard

In this specific sector and on a shipping yard, the BICARjet® surface cleaning solution can be used in many fields:

  • engines, motors, propellers and all other mechanical elements: regular or exceptional maintenance is requested, meaning cleaning and degreasing operations of complete sets, components, dismantled parts…

  • maintenance operations on many different hulls or bodies (pleasure boats, rubber dinghies, sailing or commercial ships, …) as for instance antifouling removal or depainting, can be done efficiently and rapidly without dismounting accessories, like the gaskets of the thrusters and with no abrasion and damages.

  • Also, removal of the gel coat for specific treatments is possible, increasing working pressure.  

The wide range of SOBIJET® equipments offers many alternatives, such as for instance:

  • a SOBIJET® 280SR delivery unit, with large wheels for more comfort in movement and an 80 litres MELTRON® tank capacity, allowing 90 minutes of uninterrupted working operation. A complete set of accessories is available to cope with all kind of situation.

  • a SOBIJET® 380SR delivery unit, which has a more powerful compressed air feed line for heavier workload.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find the right solution to your specific needs.