Printing industry

Printing industry

The wide variety of field of applications covered by this activity sector has however a common point: the printing production process uses rolls, rotary press and calenders:

  • packaging sector: ink printing on PE or PP film, paper, cardboard …

  • paper production: paper and cardboard sizing

  • adhesives: ink printing on adhesives and glue deposing on surface

  • textile: textile sizing and hot melt adhesives or special materials printing on fabrics and garment manufacturing.

Maintenance of such industrial equipments is a key factor for high quality finished products. And the surface of Anilox rolls is very delicate, requiring therefore a very gentle treatment in cleaning operations.
The principal pollutants the maintenance operators have to deal with are:

  • ink residues

  • residual or in excess glue

  • raw material residues (paper, plastic, special materials…)

Besides, size, till 3 m long and weight of such rolls are important decision criteria, as the opportunity of cleaning without dismounting operation.

For this specific application, a complete range of SOBIJET® cabinets with our HPV patented system has been developed: the SOBIJET® RK-series. The different models include large dimension cabinets to clean 3 m long rolls and 80 litres MELTRON® tank capacity, allowing 90 minutes of uninterrupted working.

All SOBIJET® cleaning machines are equipped with a water jet pistol for higher efficiency results. Sometimes it may be better to work with a dry jet only, for instance when special treated roll surfaces or industrial installations do not allow the use of water. In this precise case, only the abrasive action of MELTRON® is exploited and not the chemical and degreasing ones.

To meet specific printing industry requirements, full automatic and integrated devices have also been developed. Length of translator bar is determined by the industrial equipment characteristics, while the delivery unit installed with a suction system for recycling material is standard.   

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