Shoe industry

Shoe industry

For many years and in lots of countries, the BICARjet® surface cleaning solution has been applied in the following production sectors:

  • sport shoes and soles

  • safety shoes and boots

  • orthopaedics and sanitary shoes, boots or soles

These articles, made of PVC, PU and EVA are shaped using moulds.
The maintenance of these industrial moulds is extremely important to guarantee a high quality end product.

The contaminants to get rid off are, in this specific case, due to the production process:

  • release agents are used at each operation to avoid adherence of melt raw materials to the moulds.
    Their repeated use, combined with temperature variations on mould surface lead to the forming of a thick layer of release chemical residues;

  • during compression operations, dark fumes from melt raw materials are expelled from the moulds.
    After several production lots, a layer of exhaust fumes covers the surface of the moulds;

  • and, of course, after some time, PVC or EVA residues accumulate on the internal surface of moulds

The modularity of BICARjet® surface cleaning equipments offers a wide range of suitable and valuable combinations, as for instance:

  • a SOBIJET® MJ1000  work cabinet, associated with a SOBIJET® 224E delivery unit, with an electronic control panel is a simple and cost-effective solution.

  • work cabinets like SOBIJET® MJ2000 or SOBIJET® MK1500 have been especially designed for larger sized moulds (> 1 m²).

  • the SOBIJET® MJCOMP  is a very competitive compact cleaning system.

Besides, specific options are also available to make cleaning and loading operations easier for the operator: inclined turntable, external loading turntable.
All SOBIJET® cleaning machines are equipped with a water jet pistol for high efficiency results. It is also possible to work with a dry jet only. In this precise case, only the physical action of MELTRON® is exploited, but not the chemical and degreasing ones. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find the right solution to your specific needs, including integrated fully-automatic cleaning solutions.