Mould and industrial surface cleaning

Are you looking for mould and industrial surface cleaning machines?

BICARjet designs and manufactures equipment to clean and degrease industrial floors. Our machines emit a stream of Meltron and adjustable compressed air. Meltron is an exclusive and patented mixture of water and sodium bicarbonate with variable granulometry. More specifically, it is a synthetic sodium bicarbonate-based blast media. Meltron is a biodegradable and environmentally-friendly compound, which means it is totally harmless for the operator. Therefore, Meltron is an ideal solution to clean very different materials, i.e. plastic, glass, marble and metal.

The mechanical action of compressed air removes the coarse dirt particles, whereas the abrasive and softening action of Meltron gently sweeps greasy and oily substances (including paint) respecting surfaces, even the most delicate.

Here follows an indicative list of the main applications of our machines:

  • rubber industry,

  • shoe industry,

  • thermoplastics,

  • glass and wall cleaning,

  • restoration

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our mould and industrial surface cleaning machines.